Mary Haywood

"Best CrossFit Box Around"

Mary Haywood

This is the best CrossFit box you will find! I have been a member for a few years now, and joined as a 40+ year old with zero physical activity in my background. The coaches have helped me learn good form from day one, and then add strength to the mix. They are top-notch coaches who cater their coaching tips and cues to the individual. And then there is the community, or as I refer to them – my CFR Family. I am a master’s athlete and many times I’m’ the last one done with the workout, but every time they are there to cheer me on. They don’t fail to encourage me to keep going. And as an added bonus, I have met some of my dearest most treasured friends here. Megan and Thomas plan fun community events for us too – so that we come together as a community and see folks that we may not see in class.

Long story short – best CrossFit box around!

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