Monica Algozer

"Unlike any other CrossFit box!"

Monica Algozer

I work from home full time. As a result the majority of my daily adult interaction is limited to conference calls and being sedentary at a desk. So when I initially joined Crossfit Rolesville I was in search of a more community like atmosphere with challenging workouts and ended up finding so much more. In addition to providing proper modifications and constantly stressing proper form and technique, Meghan and Thomas go the extra mile to create fun events, games, podcasts, recipe videos, and challenges. The programming is exceptional, well thought out, and varied and because of it I can truly say I am in the best shape of my life at 37 years old with 3 young kids. The coaches and members are very knowledgeable, encouraging, helpful, and friendly.  It’s truly unlike any other CrossFit box I’ve been to or visited.

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